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"How We Got to Now:" animated graphic sequences by Peepshow Collective  

Massively proud of Peepshow Collective, who created the supercool animated graphic sequences for the new 6 part series on PBS called "How We Got To Now."

Presented by popular science author Steven Johnson, the series explores the legacy of great ideas. Read this excellent feature from Creative Review to learn more about it, and CLICK HERE FOR MORE WORK BY PEEPSHOW COLLECTIVE.

Adorable zen from our Spencer Wilson. Follow his Tumblr too!


Spending time drawing from the sketchbook and realising some old ideas can be a refreshing way to spend a morning. Sometimes I find it all to easy to bin a project before it’s even begun when I should really just draw as a child would, just for the fun.


The STUNNING tactile, hand-made pie charts/graphs Charles Williams recently did for Economia. Wowee zoweee!

The uplifting beauty of Malala Yousafzai- part of our Maria Raymondsdotter’s illustrated series of inspiring women. 

Spencer Wilson’s charming and supersweet illustrations in Real Simple magazine- out now!

Our Patrick Welham’s rad vector illustrations are eye-bending in the best way. 

Watch watch watch this again. Charles Williams is magic.

REVOLUTION. PEACE. Perfect, clever work from our design maestro Mattias Mackler.

Alex Fine’s gorgeously illustrated artwork of David Fincher and “Gone Girl” in this week’s Time Out New York.

Our Hattie Newman created a series of magic papercraft set builds for IBM Watson Foundations (Big Data & Analytics) animations with our pals at Dress Code. View all HERE!

Max-o-matic does DNA testing collage art like no other- for the always excellent Fast Company magazine.

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